Happy Birthday John Sebastian

Today John Sebastian, founder of the lovin' spoonful, turned 67.
i recommend a fine selection of his songs on coverville (iTunes Podcast)

some songs made it in the preliminary FAR ROCKAWAY soundtrack and really feature the mood of the film.

first big screen

Saturday, March 12th saw the initial screening of FAR ROCKAWAY in Krefeld, Germany. 
About 200 special guests attended the preview. Amongst them Alexis Savino, who came from NYC to join the film he is starring.

Cast & Crew Preview, March, 12th 2011

o.k. friends, the time has come - after a long and exhausting post production the movie will make it into a theater for the first time.
we will show the english original version to selected crew members and specials guests at KREFELD, Cinemaxx and have an after show party later on.

New Teaser online

while the editing of FAR ROCKAWAY continues with STEFAN GRECO and MICHAEL SCHUERGER one can have a second look. After the music video from STEPHANIE LYNN with scenes from FAR ROCKAWAY a first teaser is now online.

With more and more material in the hands of the editors the raw cut will be finished soon.

stay tuned.

Stephanie Lynn video out!

while visiting europe Stephanie Lynn recorded her song "broken before" with filminitiative niederrhein. watch the video containing scenes from FAR ROCKAWAY.

spread the word

part of web 2.0?

join the FAR ROCKAWAY group on facebook and check the people behind the movie and become a member

partners III

Als weiteren lokalen Werbepartner konnten wir die go!Akademy gewinnen, einen führenden Anbieter für Vertriebs- und Managementtraining.
Proben findet ihr als Podcast z.B. iTunes unter "COACHCAST"

59. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin

the berlin film fest is one of the first festivals in europe each year.
besides the regular competions there are as usual different slots for all kind of movies.
Today Michael Schürger, Chris Wessel and Marcel Belles went for the 2009 edition.

for our production the fair and exhibition is of special interest. since far rockaway is in post-production director Michael Schürger checks out the entry mode for next year and contacts production and distribution companies.

partners II

FAR ROCKAWAY is an independent movie - meaning Filminitiative Niederrhein and few people behind produced & financed the movie. Please acknowledge our marketing partners for supporting this project.

FIN recommends our special partner NY Apartment Petra Loewen LLC for exclusive lodging in the big apple.

Postproduction II - Making Off

After reviewing all the stills from the FAR ROCKAWAY shooting even more harddisk capacity got occupied with the HD video "making off" material.

Supported by JVC many scenes were documented with HD video. from the initial casting at hit-and-run productions to the final day the documentation will not only show the work of actors and the crew but show the diffence between HD video and real film optic and look.
stay tuned, even if the news are getting in more rarely

partners I

while the movie is in post production, we want to introduce some of our partners, making everything happen. starting today with leading german insurance ergo victoria.
volker peters was amongst the first to support the project.

postproduction I - stills

guess you have 6 people running around with various digital devices, two of them assigned to document the shooting of a movie. How many pitures do you get in our times?

i got 4.978 making the PC crahing  from time to time. using tags and stars to identify pictures and sort them by quality, the first results come up: a slide show for upcoming events and a dvd for the participants.

Time to say goodbye | october 30th

After one month of working together from casting to the last scene, many friendships were founded. obviously the crew was sad to go back home.
on the other hand we are curious to see the film's raw material, the making off video and the 4500+ still pictures taken during the shootings.
More to come soon.

Alex!s - the lead actor

FAR ROCKAWAY is the story of his stay in new york. the photographer MARC is the main character and with Alexis were found a good one!
Alexis took very good pictures indeed and was on topic from the very first moment. it was really nice to work with him all the time, his patience and good attitude helped in many ways.
we are sure that people identify with him from the beginning to the credit roll...